Ahah so I thought I was settled, but I guess not. Basically moved back into my mums place bcs shit was not working out with my house mate wanting me to be with her or hang out with her like a family. That wasn’t why I moved out. I moved out bcs I needed to focus on myself and my life. I choose who I distribute my time too and that doesn’t mean I don’t like her. On the contrary I love the girl, but I can’t deal with that right now, with someone vying for my attention. I don’t need that on top of all the other shit I’m dealing with. Anyways, I got two tattooed the other day. One on my left arm and the other on my right arm. It’s a crescent moon and a single rose with petals. I’m trying with life. I’ve grown. That’s for sure. Grown as a person and have developed my own personal thought on everything. I’m happy, orbas happy as you could be in my position. I need to let go of the past and better myself as a person. I’ve been smoking a lot recently, not just weed, but cigarettes. I’ve come out to my mum about it which is good. Despite everything negative that’s happened, is happening and will happen, I just need to focus on the positive and remember the good will always outweigh the bad. With that mentality I think I’ll be able to go far. Love always, mwah 💋 


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