Ultimate Uni Fail

So, I started my first week of uni this week and fml. It was an epic fail lol. I literally have been attending second year classes unknowingly and just yesterday had to drop those classes and start my enrolment process again. So I’ve missed one of my orientation lectures for one of the subjects I chose, but that’s fine, I emailed the lecturer to inform him. I feel so much better now because in the lectures I was attending, everyone was old af lol. I felt like a baby in that class and because it’s university, I saw nothing of it. Little did I know though, it was a class for older students ahaha. Anyways, my life is coming along I guess. I’ve been going to house viewings, bought stuff for uni, started uni and am now trying to eat healthy to be happier. I want to be happier you know. That’s the ultimate goal anyways. The guys at uni are so fknnnn hottttt holy fuckkkkk! I cannot exaggerate, the boys are straight out of teen wolf or something. Bloody oath man! On the down side though, the fucking food is expensive af, like I actually want to neck it. I bought a bloody burrito and bottle of water and it came to a total of $16.00. Like wtff mate ahah, I’m a uni student, not a fucking baller. I know, then why did you buy it? I was starving and that wouldve filled me up for a while hey. Still though, I’m quite disappointed about it ahah.


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