Back on track

SORRY ONCE AGAIN. The inconsistency of this blog can be somewhat blamed on my inconsistent life. Well not anymore.. Kind’ve. I’ve been busy lately. The adult world is already changing me lol. I’ve had to enrol for uni, I started working and I’m just getting use to my new house. Living with your best friends is not always as good as it sounds man. Granted, it is awesome, but you definitely argue more, but then again, the bond is stronger than ever. I launched my claim for youth allowance as well, so I’m able to get money from the government for being a full time student who is self-reliant for finances. I feel like I’m getting my life on track, in the way that I am focusing more on my self and my goals. Boys are just out of the picture right now. I just want to have fun and fuck around. I have no time to focus on guys when I’m trying to better myself as a person. Mum and I still haven’t spoken since she took my laptop off me. She wasn’t to happy with me for being out of home, but I had to go for myself. I needed to clear my head, relieve the stress of my family. I can’t deal with it anymore.


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