Homegirl updates

Last night I threw a wicked house party. It got out of control though ahah, people were jumping over the fence, my mum caught someone fucking in my lounge room and to make things worse, she caught me sassing in my room with some of the boys. Overall though, the party was a hit and it was definitely fun. Everyone was drunk and by the end of the night we started a goon sack rotation ahah. It was great. I got so drunk, to the point where I became a princess and my friends made me a bed and put me to sleep. One rubbed my back, the other got me a blanket and the other got me a pillow. It was perfect. I love my friends so much, like the love I have for them gets so overwhelming sometimes for real. They really do own a piece of my heart which will always be reserved for them. Also, I got offered a place in my first preference course for a bachelor of psychological science (honours) at Uq. I’m starting uni in march and I also got a job. Yes, thank the Lord. Things are beginning to fall into place. Now I just need to be happy.


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