Leave it at the lake

It’s 11:36am on a Friday. Last night was well overdue. Charlotte and I took a blanket and vodka with juice down to the lake and set up a spot where the moon literally looked like it was in the lake. The reflection was the only light which shone that night. It was a beautiful type of silence which surrounded us. Maybe it was because it was almost 12 am, or maybe it was because we were best friends who just re-united properly for the time in a while. I missed her so much. She’s the one who I’ve spoken about in the blogs. The one that went to Africa for a bit. That night we laid the blanket out on this double table thing and put the vodka between us. We poured half of the juice in it so it was 50% vodka and 50% juice. We shook it and then placed it between us while we stared at the lake. We took turns sipping on it and talking about everything that’s happened, everything that’s happening and everything that we think will happen. We talked about friendships, relationships, family situations, living situations and basically everything. I feel so complete with her back. I can tell her absolutely everything and not once hesitate on whether I can trust her or whether she’d be there for me. She’s that type of friend and I love her so much. I know she’ll be there through my breakdowns, breakups and makeups. She’ll be there when I think there’s no point in living and she’ll be there when everything falls into place and I’ve become who I’ve always wanted to be. The lake gave us this opportunity. I’m grateful to it as strange as it seems. I have a group of best friends and don’t get me wrong, I love them all equally, but sometime’s I want to just talk to one of them about everything that’s happening and actually let stuff out that I’ve been holding in. Charlotte was there when I got kicked out of home. She’s seen me so drunk that we thought I was going to die, literally. She’s held my hair while I vomited. She’s cried with me when I cried about my family. She’s been there when I was about to drop out of school, but kept motivating me. She’s one of the only constant things in my life. Someone I know who’ll always be there. The lake really came through this night. I rid my mind of so much stress, so much unnecessary sadness and so much truth. We reached a point where we were drunk off our faces ahaha. This is going to sound rank af and absolutely appalling ahah, but we both pee’d into the lake. Don’t ask me how we did it considering we don’t have male genitals ahah, but it happened. After that, we packed up the stuff because rain was starting to pour down. In a weird way, it was comfortable. We put the blanket over our head and finished the last part of the vodka before chucking it away. We walked to Will’s house ahahahah, drunk af and were knocking on his window trying to wake him up. I fell to the ground and Charlotte continued to knock, laughing our faces off, barely whispers going around even though it was early hours of the morning and the the whole street was asleep ahah. He came to the back and let us in through the back door and set up beds for us in his room and we slept until now aha. Paryse is over now because she finished work at 11 and we’re all just chilling.


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