Perspective From The Outside

So this blog is a little different and I’m not sure if I will post it because it isn’t really an account of Chantel’s life; more a perspective from the outside. If you haven’t caught on already, this isn’t Chantel. This is Paryse, not sure if you remember me from a couple of her blogs but Chantel and I have been best friends since we were thirteen. Five years later here we are, sitting in my garage still strong. We have crazy fights though, and I’m sure we will fuck each other over again and it will lead to a long blog about how bitchy I am aha, but until then (and we will get over it, trust) we are great and still as close as we were all those years ago. So I’m a lot like you all, I love this blog, I live to read and reread it. There are a lot of reasons why I feel this way. Firstly, I love to reread our adventures, the euphoria that surged through me is almost apparent in a strange blur of nostalgia… Secondly, this best friend of mine, she is extremely reserved. She loves to help others even when they are dealing with nothing in comparison to her problems. She covers it so well we seem to forget that she’s dealing with anything at all. I know that makes me sound like the worst friend, and I am, but it’s interesting to get into the mind that so often closes itself off. I know her, and I know she’s upset when she swears she isn’t, and because I’m bad at communicating it’s hard for me to figure out what to say to her; but from someone on the outside of the blog that is Chantel’s mind, it is easy for me to say that she is the most loving, caring, indebted person I know. That she will, no matter what the consequence, put her friends before herself. That she will always stay true to those who deserve her love, and sometimes even to those who don’t. That she will put aside her feelings to make sure others are okay. That she will cry silently at night just so she can be the strong one everybody goes to. I don’t know anyone else who can be that selfless, who can be that caring, who can be that generous… and still feel like she isn’t good enough. I have never in my life met anyone who has a more beautiful soul than Chantel and I have a lot of people who can vouch for that. Not only that but she SLAYS and when I say slay I mean my nigga you need to put up a poster of this girl and pray to her because damn she is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I don’t really know what the whole point of this blog was, I guess to tell her in a minor way that we love her and that we are here for her no matter what. It’s hard to talk to you because I’m savage and I get caught up in my own stupid feels but you really don’t deserve the way you get treated by some people, and I’m proud of your strength to reserve yourself for the benefit of your friends. Seriously you guys, I am so lucky to know this girl and I’m never leaving her side. Love you forever and then some Chantel.
(P.s Yes I know this is the best post you’ve read so far, like omg stop. “But Paryse we love you” Yeah I have that effect on people don’t get attached).
lmao I’m just joking I play like that


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