Isolated and independent

It happened two nights ago. I basically had a slight falling out with my mum which lead to Tylah and I moving out. Currently, I’m laying down with Tylah next to me in our new room – Paryse’s garage. AAHHAHHA, we moved into our best friends garage. My life is everywhere. I need a proper job and the dude I’m talking to wants to hang out, but like how can I even think about that when I have so much more pressing matters. I feel as if I can’t say much to people, even if we’re really close. These are my problems and I can’t rely on anyone but myself to solve them. I feel so isolated right now. I mean, yeah, I have friends, but they have their problems as well. Maybe that’s why I haven’t given up on blogging? It’s a place where I can rid myself of unspoken thoughts. I’m slowly opening up more about my internal issues. I’ve decided to abandon my family. Not my immediate family, but I’m talking about my extended family. Cousins, aunties, auncles and so on. I don’t need them constantly bringing me down, doubting me and offering nothing but negativity. I’m trying to make it in this world even though sometimes it seems as if everything is against me. I want so much out of life. I’m trying so hard to make something of myself. I’m trying to be the best and get the best out of everything. I don’t want to settle for less. I have university starting up in March and course offers come out in a few days which is kind’ve intense. I have so much going on. I need to save up for a car and realistically I’m trying to get my own place by September or something. I promised myself, I wouldn’t see my extended family until I make it, even if that takes years. I won’t be seeing them. My family frowns upon me because I’m so different to them. I’m too adventurous, too curious and most of all, too motivated to not settle for less. We were given life so why not use it to the best of our abilities. Live life to the fullest. Take every opportunity and do things you wouldn’t think of. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. Isolated…


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