Bad habits die hard

More evident now than before is my desire to get drunk and high all the time. I don’t what it is aha, but I just want to let loose and get wild. I don’t want any restrictions at all and things that seem to scare me draw me in. I don’t know if I’m an adrenaline junkie or if I’m a risk taker or maybe even both, but all I know is I’ve developed a bad habit of turning to drinking or smoking when I feel emotionally unstable. It’s obviously not healthy, but it is something that allows me to somewhat escape reality for a short time period which is a good enough reason for me to do it. Yesterday was a pretty good day with the girls. We drove to the quarry and walked up a track in the forest which lead to the quarry. The water was so pretty, but the overall view was just as, if not more, pretty than anything else. We were already in our swimmers so we just jumped in as soon as we got there. It felt bottomless, like even if you kept swimming downwards, you’d never touch the bottom because it was endless. Even the parts closest to the surface was deep. We met a guy there aahha. Funny story actually. He was on the other side of the quarry cliff jumping and he screamed out at us to jump, so we replied jump and he literally took his shirt off and dived straight in aha. The girls and I were obviously fangirling. What else was the fact that he climbed back up the cliff and literally made his way towards us. Shocked and so on we didn’t know what to do ahah. We obviously weren’t ready for confrontation. It was too late anyways, he came up to us and told us his name and we all talked for a bit. He was a pretty mad dude, your average Australian bloke. His name was Noah or Joel, I’m pretty sure it was Noah though aha. Oh yeah, Charlotte comes back next week yayayayya, I cannot wait, I’m so excited to see her! If anything, this was more of a rant/adventure/normal blog post hey. I still have a lot more to elaborate on in the subject of bad habits, but we’ll save that for next time.


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