New year, upgraded me

It’s the second of January 2017 and let me tell you, I’m so keen and excited for this year. It’s going to be my year and I know it’s going to be so challenging, but I will make sure i make it in this world. I have so many goals, so much I want to accomplish, not only for me, but for my family and my most cherished friends. I don’t want to get into anything deep, but I do want to talk about my activities on New Years Eve wooooo. So my friends and I got ready at Paryse’s and took photos. Let me just say, my makeup and outfit was fit af, it looked so good. My friends were bloody fire man, they looked so fucking good. Paryse drove us to my other mates house who was 18 so that she could buy our alcohol and then we left to go to this house party. Now, this house party literally was out of a movie. The house was a bloody mansion and the yard was massive with a pool and everything. We pulled up to the party and started drinking before a few mates and I went to the front to smoke some cones to get us pumping for the night aha. We joined the rest of the party and got hella lit. At around 10, we decided to leave and so many people kept trying to come with us LOL. We were heading to the city to go to an apartment party and see the countdown. I’m laughing so hard because we were a bunch of drunk teenagers just walking through the city looking for this apartment ahaha. Shout out to Hunter who bought a 40 pack of nuggets for everyone LOLLL AHAHHA. You is lit Hunter. Anywho, we got to the apartment and everyone was getting ready and getting lit, mind you all these people are over 18 years of age so they were old enough to go clubbing and so on, while my friends and I are only 17 years old. My friends ended up leaving to go down to the botanical gardens, some of them more smashed than others *cough tylah cough* hahahahah. It was exactly 11:57pm and I realised I was not around my best friends and the countdown was about to go down so I ran to the elevator and ran out of the hotel. GET THIS OKAYYY, so as I was running into these gardens (botanical gardens at night is so fucking pretty because of the lights and the flowers) and I look out and see my best friends Will and Paryse running towards me while I was running towards them and in that moment the 12am fireworks went off and it was just fucking amazing. It was absolutely beautiful, breathtaking even. When we reached each other, we had a massive group hug and watched the fireworks go off together, it was a memory that will forever be engraved into my heart. After the fireworks went off, Paryse and all that left while Will stayed behind with me. Will and I walked to the apartment where we got lit, drank more and decided to go clubbing with my sister and her older friends. Will ended up staying behind and I went with them. At this point, I was absolutely fucked, like I was more shitfaced then I’ve ever been. I go downstairs to the taxi with my sister and her friends and I’m mentally preparing myself for the rest of the night before I end up vomiting everywhere ahahah. Mind you there are other people in this taxi and after I was done, I flicked my hair over my shoulder acting casual as fuck, like I didn’t just vomit all over myself and flick specks of it on everyone else ahahah. When we got out of the taxi, my sister and her friends took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up before seating me somewhere and going to the clubs. I was literally vomiting still and didn’t know where I was or where everyone else was. These randoms came and helped me and apparently were buying me water before my sisters best friend, Leah, she’s like an older sister came and stamped me with her stamp which was still fresh so that I could get into the clubs. I used my sister’s ID because I obviously wasn’t old enough ahah. They ended up sneaking me into the clubs and holy fuck, it was soooooooooooo funnnn holy fuckk. I literally danced on the DJ, saw so many people who were like wtf, how did you get in here aha, saw the older siblings of people my age, dancing on the stripper level and literally made so many friends with random people ahaha. Also stole the dj’s drinks lmao ahahah. I was so wasted man. When we got out of the club, it was literally morning, like the sun had come up so my sister took me to McDonald’s and bought me a feed before I wanted to pass out on the ground LOL aha. I love my sister so much, ya’ll don’t know. If I had any day 1’s, it’d be my sister. Anywho, after the feed we caught a taxi back to the apartment where my best mate Will was crashed on the bed and I literally jumped on it and crashed ahahah. At this point, it was 7am. We ended up checking out of the hotel at 11am and decided we were going to spend a day at Cedar Creek which are these beautiful falls. Like the one’s you see on tumblr and spent the day there literally laughing at every fucking thing. the drive there was soothing. You see a lot of the outback and everything. Let’s just say, I ended 2016 with a bang and started 2017 with an even bigger bang. New year, upgraded me – my new motto.


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