Best friends go wild

For a night we let loose, or should I say for quite a lot of nights we let loose aha. Last night started off as a casual night in. Paryse and I left her house and were on the way to mine before we decided we were going to G on ahaha. G on in other words means to buy kush off someone. Anywho, we pulled up to a mate’s house who usually supplies for me and we had $20, but a stick costs $25. I quickly chucked makeup on and tried to look as good as I could within the short amount of time we had before he came to the car and without a proper mirror and lighting may I add ahah. As soon as I saw him, I was like sorry I only have $20 and he looked at me and smiled and gave me a stick and said that it was alright because it was me. SCOREEEE AHAHAHHAHA. I put on an innocent act and said thank you and got the hell out of there ahah. Before driving back to mine we stopped at 7eleven to buy some munchies for afterwards. We got to mine and we lazed around for a bit before we got onto it ahah. We needed to make a bong out of scratch and a cone out of scratch so we had to go look for supplies around the neighbourhood LMAO. We needed a hose piece so my best friend and I were walking around my street trying to fin neighbours with a hose and we cut it LOL. I feel bad, but then again I’m like whatever, I’ll wait for karma to catch up to me in the future ahah. I know, what a little shit I am aha. Dw boo, I know this. So we had the pipe piece, a bottle, a can and a blender and some spin for the weed. By the end of this we had finally made a bong and a cone piece and took the weed down to the tunnels near my house ahah. We lasted like 5 seconds before we got scared and just went behind a couple of houses and started to smoke ahha. All you could hear was the sound of someone pulling a cone omfg ahahahha. It was so suspicious. We sat there taking cones and laughing it was so funny. But it was crabby at the same time because we had to be quiet so that no one would catch us ahhah. After we finished, we headed back to my room. My room use to be an old garage so it’s pretty spacious and it has doors connected to the outside so it’s definitely easy for us to get into without my family knowing ahah. My mum doesn’t know I smoke. She know’s I drink and everything, but I just haven’t found the right time to tell her that I smoke yanno ahah. It’d be kind’ve a weird subject to bring up to so I’ll just wait for when the time is right hey. So yeah, we came back to my room and hit the bed ahaha munching out and everything before my best mate passed out. I tried to watch Jeepers Creepers, but literally only made it 20 minutes in before I passed out myself ahah. It was a good night because my best friend can’t always let loose like 100% loose bcause she usually has to go home afterwards, but this night she was crashing at mine so we went hard ahaha. It was such a nice and simple night, one where teenagers really embrace that dirtbag stereotype aha. It was a night where best friends go wild xxoo


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