Las having a sass

I must say this year I had the weirdest christmas ever. I had a friend over for christmas and you know how christmas dinners are supposed to be lit and basically the food is supposed to be endless, well my family had ham and potato salad, excluding vegetables because is that even a food, which we had for dinner ahaha. Not complaining because the food was great, I’m just giving you a fair idea of how different christmas was. Usually we have heaps of food, but this year, that didn’t really happen aha. I’m just saying, it was weird. Christmas doesn’t feel like how christmas felt when I was a little girl. If this is what growing up feels like, maybe it’s not all that great. So last night was christmas right and I didn’t spend it with my family. Last night I got my mum to drop me off to a friends house and we sassed all night. Smoked so many cones. Lowkey though, I felt like the dude I was seshing with was trying to smoke me under the table LOL AHAHHA. Like stop, just chill and smoke because that’s all I’m here for. He wasn’t too bad though. We were at it for a good 2 hours just passing it back and forth before we started munching on chocolate and food. I ended up staying the night, I was so tired. Literally. What makes me kind’ve upset though is because the dude I was talking to really wanted to call me, but like I didn’t want to talk because I lie to you not, I was so tired, like I was dead and extremely dur. Last night was the first time he ever tried so hard to talk to me as well which is another reason I wsa pretty upset. Usually it’s me who wants to talk, well that’s what it seems like. Idk. He’s yeah. Christmas seshh was lit. LOL THOUGH ahahahah The dude I was smoking with was sharing the same bed with me and I don’t really know if he thinks something was going to happen, but I knew for sure i was just there for the weed LOLLL. I put two pillows between us and even took my jumper off (very thick one) and placed it on top of those pillows to block him out. He’s a nice dude, really smart. Last night was just a simple las like myself having a sass.


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