Floating on cloud 9

Been a minute since I posted, but as ya’ll know, I’m always out and about. Lately, I’ve been feeling happy. Genuinely happy. I think it’s because of the people in my life right now. I’m surrounded by such a loving group of people who I know care for me. Oh, forgot to mention that it’s christmas day ahahha. Merry Christmas ya’ll, hope you guys get everything you’ve ever wanted and God continues to bless you abundantly. In case you’re wondering, yes I am a strong believer in God, however I’m not perfect so I obviously still do dumb shit all the time. Anyways, since I’ve posted, I’ve been with friends and so on. My mum and her partner went on a camping trip so I had the house to myself. I threw a little gatho, it was fucking lit LOL. I know, why tf am i saying lit, like why, i sound so mf twelvie. Well, idgaf ahahah, the gatho was lit. The dude I’m kind’ve talking to swung by as well. There was about eight of us and we all got shitfaced man. Drank and smoked a bunch of kush. Oh and the night before that I also got shitfaced drunk with one of my best mates Flip. We had a sleepover and before ya’ll assume anything, no nothing happened because we are literally best friends and best friends only. We don’t play like that. We got drunk off our faces and danced and cried and just every emotion you could think of. Back to the gatho though, everyone was shitfaced drunk, lol, I just realised I say shitfaced quite a lot. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have the answer. I was with the girls standing on the tables singing at the top of our lungs with old school music blasting on the speakers outside. We all fucking got lit and just ughhh it was so good. Lol though, there was only one problem. So like… THE MF POLICE SHOWED UP AHAHAHHAH. I was so out of it, I didn’t even realise it. I was higher than cloud 9, I could barely function and when I saw them, i thought they were my neighbours lol. The music was cut instantly and i got up because my first instinct was to deal with these people and make them go away. Also keep in mind that these are underaged kids drinking, smoking and smoking weed. AHAHA, it was bonkers man. Anywho, I quickly approached them while someone hid the bong and gave them a fake name and everything. I pretended like I was renting this house with a mate and told them I was born in 1996 ahahaha. Given though, my friends and I do look older than our ages if we’re being honest ahaha. The police were basically telling us that someone snitched about a noise complaint. Fair enough though, it was a monday night and all you could hear throughout my street was my house blasting with music ahahha. The next day we all chilled and shit. Oh and two nights ago, some of my friends and I rolled through to an apartment party in the valley for my best friends 17th. Once again, got drunk off my face ahah. As soon as I got there and started dancing and saying hey to everyone. Not going to lie, the party really started picking up then. I filled a full glass of straight smirnoff vodka and downed it. I took another half glass of Malibu straight and then after that I realised i was getting drunk ahaha. Palmed some dudes off, like for real, just because it’s a party doesn’t mean there needs to be a sex fest lol. Can’t we all just get drunk, get lit and have fun ahaha. Everyone was hooking up and then you see me dancing in the kitchen leaning out of the window smoking to the jam that was playing whilst sipping on apple cider (hate that drink, taste just like beer). My friends and I went downstairs and I saw this guy smoking and i walked up to him and asked for one smoke and he gave it to me smiling ahah. My friends followed and one by one they all got one off of him. I know, wtf is wrong with you guys ahaha. Look, we’re teenagers and obviously we aren’t the richest at this age ahah. We had smokes, but why smoke your own smokes when someone is more than willing to give you one right? And don’t come at me sideways informing me of the dangers of taking a smoke off a random, the dude didn’t look to bad. After that we roamed the streets trying to find my best mates car because she was going to leave early and we met so many friends ahaha. It was funnyyy affff ahahah. After that I can’t remember much tbh. I did end up in a bed next to Will at the end of the night. Idk how, but at the end of every party, Will and I always end up sleeping together at the end of the night ahahah. I love him so much, I can’t possibly explain how much love I have for him. He’s always going to be there and I know this is certain. Rn, I’m chilling on my bed with Laine, another close mate of mine. Last night we got drunk than a mf ahahahha. We were both venting to each other about life rn. There’s so much going on y’know? it gets a bit much. We started off sipping on wine and then gave up and skulled straight vodka, mixed some with coke and finished the wine. We then took my sisters hennesey ahahah and drank our problems away. I rolled us about 5 durries each (smokes in australian culture) and we walked down the road just roaming and shit. AHAHAHA WE WERE BOTH BUSTING SO WE PEE’D AT THE BACK OF SOMEONES HOUSE AHAHHAHAHHAH. I literally did a nude run and then ran back to put my clothes on. Last night was good, we both stopped and lay down in the middle of the road, playing Cold play and thinking about life while staring at the stairs. I saw shooting stars, hopefully my wishes come true aha. I think that’s it for now. I’m about to head out to another mate’s house for a christmas sesh and will probably sleep over his ahah. I spent the day with my family and one of my closest mates, so I’m about to leave soon. If you asked me to describe my life right now, I’d tell you I’m floating on cloud 9.


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