Aint about doubts

Once again, it has been a while since I’ve blogged. Honestly, I don’t exactly know why, but I know I’m going to get over it. I think I was doubting myself and hating that I needed to get some of my thoughts out through a keyboard. Since I last posted, I have had mini adventures with friends, drove illegally (or did I ;)) and ate at Max brenners. Also… I RECEIVED MY MOTHER FUCKING OP. Look it up if you don’t know what it is because it is the most important results high schoolers around Queensland will ever receive. I’m okay with my results, I wish they were better though, but then again that’s kind’ve who I am as a person. I’m always striving for better things, better results and basically to be the better version of me. I’ve been talking to this dude lately and I’m kind’ve liking it. Not going to lie, it does feel a bit different talking to him because he isn’t the typical dude I’ve previously talked to before. He is so aussie ahah and he doens’t even realise it. I like it though, it’s cute. I don’t want to doubt myself anymore because that isn’t who I am. I don’t really doubt things, I’m more of a just jump straight into it without second guessing because my instincts are usually right. From now on, I’m going to get back to normal and stop doubting everything. Chantel aint about doubts.


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