Happy Campers

In my last post, well it was barely a post, more like a notice, I told you guys that I was going on a last minute camping trip. Well, I got back yesterday from this 3 day camping trip and I cannot possibly feel any better. It was definitely well needed and helped me clear my head so much. It was literally so random. My mate Will called us up and asked if we wanted to go camping with him and Nila and we said yes and that’s basically how it started. They came to pick us up after two hours, all of us ready and packed with tents, limited food and some necessities. Now we are the furthest from the stereotypical campers ahah. Anyways, we went to Noosa Heads which is a two and a half hour drive from where we live and you need to catch a ferry across with your car to get to the camping site. We did all of this and stopped at a few places for a little break and when we finally reached our destination we noticed it was a fucking secluded island lmfaoooo. Literally. There were no shops, no maccas no nothing apart from the little convenience store that the camping site provided ahaha. I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t a bit disappointed about the stores because I love food. Anywho, we arrived at around 5:30ish and set up our tents just in time for the sun to go down. Mind you there are no bbq sites at this area and we were hungry aff ahaha, but none of us packed proper food ahahaha. We went inside the tent and started taking shots and sassing. Holy fuck mate ahahaha, the shit we were smoking was so fucking strong ahaha. We were all mad laughing, talking about anything and everything with music blasting on the speaker and a home made light we made from sticking the phone with the flash light in a hole right above the tent so it flashed on everyone and we could see. Like I said before, we are the furthest thing from the typical campers, but fuck it, we still did it anyways because why not right? if the opportunity is there, you should take it and live life to the best of your ability. Well, thats what I think anyways. Back to the story, we all got so high and I was a bit drunk as well because I took two straight shots whilst smoking. We got out of the tents and mind you it’s completely dark now and dead silent ahaha, so we walk over to the beach with the speaker and sit on the sandy hill area right beside each other, listening to Breathe by Embrz. Words cannot do this scene justice. Staring at the endless water in front of us with the full moon in the sky was simply precious. This memory will forever be engraved into me as a soft reminder of my youthful days. It was absolutely beautiful, I only wish you who are reading were there at the time to experience this. After some time, we eventually got up and walked back to the camp and this is where the real fun starts ahahaha. We are all starving and the munchies are hitting us bad so for dinner we end up eating chips, chocolate, chocolate in bread, coke and skittles ahahahha. There was nothing to eat and we all start laughing and sit outside the tent just munching non stop. We start low key scaring each other by saying we hear things and see things to freak each other out ahaha, but we knew we would be all good. Besides, we have God on our side and that’s all you really need. The next day was so fucked ahaha, I woke up at 4:30am. The others were still asleep and you guys might not know, but everyone in my life knows I always wake up late, like at 1pm sometimes. So for me to wake up at this time, it was peculiar. There was a small gap between the tent and the ground which let me see the sky and it was barely light so I got up out of the tent and walked to the beach. I don’t know what came over me, but I felt this pull which was urging me to go to the beach, and so instead of resisting it, I literally followed it to the beach and sat on the hill watching the site in front of me. Most of the sky was dark apart from the right corner of the sky which illuminated pink and orange rays of light which were beginning to spread as time went on. It was breathtaking. The view was something that I felt as if was mine. I felt like it was for me, something that I would forever remember, something that was just for me to see and remember. After gushing over the site in front of me, I left to go back to the camp and saw Will walking towards me ahah, the silly bugger was looking for me whilst half asleep LOLLL. Everyone int he tent ended up waking up so we jumped in the car and decided to explore the island at 5:30 in the morning ahah. We drove everywhere, even in places we weren’t allowed to drive in ahah. The island did have permanent residents there, but it was rare. The houses were so intricate, so beautifully made and so eye-catching. You had to have been racking in heaps of money to live somewhere like that. How nice would it be though? To wake up in the morning in a beautiful house with glass doors which provided you with a direct view of the sunrise and sunset on the beach. I think it would be perfect, so serene. After much driving, we went back to the camp site at about 7ish and went for a swim on the beach. We were crushed by the waves constantly, but the adrenaline pumping in us kept pushing us forward. It was the best feeling when we rode the waves. At about 9 we got out and everyone crashed out and fell asleep. I literally died, it was so hot at this time and I crashed on the ground in shorts and a bra. I was so close to sleeping nude because that’s how bloody hot it was, but I was considerate of other people ahahhaa. I’m kidding, I was literally too drained to move, if I wasn’t I probably would’ve have stripped ahaha. After our nanny naps, we got up at 11 and caught the ferry across and drove to a fish and chip store because we were all starving. Talking about this kind’ve makes me hungry ahah. But yeah, we grabbed lunch and got the weirdest stares from everyone because it was so obvious we weren’t from there ahah. We bought some bait after lunch and went back to the island to do some fishing, which we absolutely failed at AHAHHA. We caught one puffer fish between the four of us and this fish is tiny and illegal to keep lmao. We stopped after a bit and then went back to the camp and had the longest talk about life, our views on different conspiracies, our family issues, friendship issues, relationships issues and issues within ourselves. It was so good. Our friendships definitely grew stronger. I know for sure that the friends I have no will be my lifetime friends, like there’s no doubt about it. We stopped talking at around 5ish and decided to go for a late swim and basically repeated what we did that morning whilst swimming. One by one we all stopped swimming and went to the camp showers to clean up. By the time we got back to the camp, it was already 7-8pm and yet again, we had barely any food ahaha. We ended up sassing again and drinking canadian club mixed with coke. It was so good. This night we actually died ahahah. I was absolutely gone. I couldn’t breathe properly because I was laughing so hard. Like everyone in the tent was tripping balls man. Everything is so much more clear when you smoke weed, seriously. When you’re high, it opens your eyes. I know I probably sound like a stoner, but I’m being completely serious about this hey! It really does open your eyes. I don’t know when we crashed or how we crashed, but the next morning we woke up at 8ish which was pretty good and packed up the camp site. We went for a swim, showered and than got back on the road to go home. We got a massive feed from hungry jacks lmao which basically compensated for the lack of food in our systems for the past 2 days ahahha. All in all, the camping trip was an absolute success. Happy campers is what we are.


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