Rebels without reason

Last night was another one of those nights where you just wing life. As you know, last night Tylah went to a party and I went back home to babysit. As it turns out, my sister ended up staying home so there was really no need for me to really be there, apart from the obvious fact that it is my home of course. So what happened was, it was 8 at night and I was hella bored. I had just gotten of a video call from Charlotte from Africa and I was feeling for an adventure. Not too long after I watched this sad movie and felt sad, kms ahah. So I called Paryse because the movie made me so sad and cried to her on the phone, as you do anyways ahaha. 20 minutes later she had rocked up to my house and I packed some stuff and went straight to Paryse’s house for the night. We got to hers after a few side trips and then chilled in her lounge and talked to her mum, it was funny. After a bit, we drove to Mt Cootha with her family because it was Layne’s birthday (Paryse’s little sister) and sat there and reminisced her childhood and talked about her hoe stories of her friends, LOL. Mind you these hoe stories are of kids who were only 12, lmao kms. We left Mt Cootha and then came back to Paryse’s and chilled for a bit before her crazy aunty got ready to go on a crazy date at 1am with a tinder individual. The real fun begins here. So, our mate and the dude I went to schoolies with messaged Paryse to say he was in the area so we met him at the front. By we, I meant Paryse, Hunter and I. So we saw Anthony then went back to Paryse’s with Anthony where we sat outside talking about our friendships, our plans for the New year and so on. In the spur of the moment, we all decided to go roof top climbing and snuck out of Paryse’s house and took her car. I had to literally chuck myself over her front headlights because the car is parked in front of her parent’s room and when you turn the car on, the car lights automatically go on. We all got in the car and drove off to the Lake and parked the car there. We drove into the car park and OMFG, we saw Laine and Kiara there at the same time eating hungry jacks LMAOOO. These are our friends from school and Laine is actually one of my closest mates so I was like wtfff. Also, it was around 2am ish lol. So we all caught up then walked to our high school and after walking around gave up on that school, so we walked back to the lake to the car and went to maccas to get those cheap choc chip pancakes and hash browns for a dollar (Don’t judge, we living that just finished school don’t know wtf we doing budget). After that we drove to another school and actually made it on top of the roofs. Anthony was low key scared I swear ahaahhaha, but it was cool because it didn’t stop him from going up. We walked the rooftops until we found a flat roof and we all sat there, I was lying down, looking at the stars and playing ‘Woman’ by The 1975. It was too serene, too needed. We did some confessions and talked about our New Years Resolution and so on until we decided to do a spontaneous trip to the lookout over Brisbane. We jumped off the roof and ran to Paryse’s car because we wanted to make it to the lookout before the sun rise and we were cutting it because it was 3:50am and the sun comes up at 4:15am ish. As we were driving we pulled up to the lights and wtf ahahahhah, Kiara and laine pull up to the lights too and I’m just like wtfffff how ahahha. So we’re stuck there at a red light, two cars beside each other, talking to each other while the windows were down and decided to meet at the lookout. We literally raced to the lookout ahahaha, of course I was hyping Paryse telling her to win, but also throwing in the occasional “if you don’t feel safe doing this, do not feel peer pressured to speed” hahahaha. Long story short, we made it just in time to the lookout and watched the sun rise. Brisbane City had never looked  so beautiful. I was in absolute awe. The sky was a tinge of pink which blanketed the city comfortably. Oh btw, did I mention real quick while we were driving there Paryse was going 20 over the limit and we drove straight past  cop car and almost died. Thank God they didn’t come after us, I don’t know why though. After looking out, we drove home listening to The 1975. When we got home everyone crashed out everywhere ahahah. Thus, the end to this night of illegal activity and our rebellion without reason.


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