Highway to home

Today marks the day I finally go back home. I’m acting like I was gone for a long period of time, but really it was just a week. I wasn’t kicked out or anything, I’ve literally been busy doing random things with my friends and every time I decided I was going home, we ended up doing something that night, so I kind’ve just gave up on going home. It’s fine though, my mum is okay with me having my own life hahaha, but she definitely needs me home tonight to babysit my younger brother. Ever had that feeling where you long for home, not in a weird way, but like you just miss being in your OWN actual home even though you’d be doing nothing but chilling? Well, that’s what I’ve been feeling. Tylah might be heading to a party tonight, my sister is going out, my cousin is going out and my mum is going on a date with Pete, therefore it’ll just be my brother and I. I don’t mind too much because even though I do get scared, I’m actually so lazy that I can’t be bothered actually being scared LOL. That probably sounds like the most idiotic and stupid thing, but calm down ya’ll, I just don’t know how to explain it. Paryse might swing by and crash the night anyways, so we’ll probably have a girls night, but if she doesn’t, I’ll probably confine myself to my room, while my brother plays the xbox in the lounge room. That actually sounds like my type of night. I don’t always go out you know, sometimes I just want to pause life and actually chill ahaha. I need to be home soon anyways because mum wants me to do her makeup for her date, AW CUTTTEEEEE! she never wears makeup, even in her previous dates, that’s why I’m hella fangirling. I’m so happy for her. My mum and I have surely come a long way, trust me when I say a long way, but those story times are for another time. I’m not too sure if I’m quite ready to disclose something so personal yet. I’m hoping one day I will because this blog was supposed to be my escape, which it actually is. I love this blog so much, maybe that’s why I want to take the highway to home? Because I created this blog at like 2am in the morning in the comforts of my lounge room. You know, because teenagers never sleep ahahah.


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