Waking up with a bang

Quick story time. This is hella funny, but to some it may be hella dry. So this morning, I was enjoying my lovely sleep in the aircon comforted by the cool air…as you do in Australia when the weather is a constant 38 degrees almost everyday. So, I was sleeping and all of a sudden you hear a massive bang and so I look to my best mate Will who’s sleeping on the ground. It was weird because he woke up instantly as well and looked at me at exactly the same time, telekinesis? oohhh ahah no but this was funny because Will was like, “Don’t worry, it was probably one of the doors slamming shut.” So I was like, okay that’s cool and went back to sleep. We both woke up later on and cleaned up. We walked to his room and only then did we realise that it wasn’t a door slamming this morning which semi woke us up, but his big mirror that hangs on his wall had fallen off and slammed the desk LMAOOOOO ahahahha. Like this could’ve been a paranormal experience, but you know, it could’ve also been something normal AHAHA! but yeah, that’s my little story time.


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