Views from the 6

As you do when you’re a teenager who has recently received their licence, you drive around everywhere. My mates and I went driving tonight to New Farm Park, a mini adventure if you will. It was almost 11pm which is the time restriction for people who’ve just received their licence and it restricts them to only one person in the car who isn’t related to the driver and their was 4 of us in the car apart from the driver. Did we break the law? Fuck yeah, we’re total badasses man… Okay jokes aside though ahah, we’re driving around until we pass these two joggers. Hunter winds down the window, mind you Hunter has got a strong Maori accent and is wearing a black hoodie when he screams out, “yoo.” Now, these dudes must’ve been shitting themselves because instead of answering they continued to run away LMFAOOO ahahahah. So after fucking dying of laughter, we continue driving around New Farm to find this park until one of us notices this van trailing behind us. Now get this, we keep driving towards the end of the road until we realise that the van is actually the police and they pull us over on the side of the road and fully make Will (driver) take an alcohol test. Funniest thing happened though, the female police officer looks to the male police officer and is like,”Don’t P platers have time restrictions or something.” Like, this bitch spent how many years in the police academy and she still don’t know the law lmaooooo. What was more funny was the fact that the dip shit male police officer looked at her and was like,”ohhh, umm hm, I’m not too sure.” LIKE WTFF MATE AHAHAHAHAH, America has corrupt police? Well, Australia has stupid police fml. Anywho they basically lecture us about our life choices because we’re 17 year olds who literally went for a drive at almost 11pm at night just to play on the play ground before telling us to go home. We obviously agreed and talked mad shit about them as soon as they walked back to their van. Obviously we didn’t go straight back home, so instead we went for yet another Mt Cootha trip. We shared so many laughs. It was Tylah, Will, Paryse, Hunter and I. We watched over Brisbane and mocked tf out of each other. Don’t worry, it’s natural for Australian’s to express their love for each other through insults, it basically solidifies friendships here ahaha. For real though. After a bit, it started to pour down rain so we ran underneathe a hut and that’s when we noticed that Hunter was wearing no shoes LOL ahahahhaha, yeah the boys! But not only that, he was wearing odd socks, I was just fucking done, that killed me. I started laughing non stop, it must’ve been contagious because we all started laughing about everything else. It was literally one of those moments where you could see a bloody ant walking along and laugh because it was an ant walking along. These are my favourite moments man. I’m going to remember times like this in the future and be so happy that I’ve made such great memories with such a great bunch of people. After messing around, we left and got home at around 12 that night. Currently, Tylah’s on the phone to bed and Paryse and I are in the lounge on the beds watching Frequency.. well she is anyways, I’m writing this blog post. Still can’t get over the popo’s though ahah, damn Australia, step up your game!


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