Been a minute

Okay, it’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been busy..real busy lately. Literally been living at my mate’s house and I left my laptop at home and my phones broken; Do you see my dilemma? Well, quick lowdown, i’ve been out and about with my best friends. Been to the lagoon, late night trips to Mt Cootha lookout, shopping and a bbq and numerous swims. We’ve basically been laxing it hardcore, but why not right? We’ve graduated from 12 years of schooling, so I think we’ve earned the right to be true to our teenage nature and be lazy dirtbags ahaha. It’s upsetting though, my best friend Charlotte left to Africa for a month last night and what makes things worse is the fact that her family didn’t buy a return ticket, LOLLLLL. I feel like they’re trying to make her live there. I’m not too bothered because if they do that, I’ll take out a loan, as you do LOL, and travel to Africa and save her. It’ll be a scene straight out of a movie, or so I think. Anywho, I’m currently looking for a job. Technically, I’ve still got a job, but I’m still looking for one so it’s kind’ve weird. I’ve heard back from one job, but I’m still sussing out my options. OMG AHAHAH, I just realised my life is everywhere and I’m acting like i have all these options. Well you know what Chantel, beggars can’t be choosers LMAO. But what happens if you’re a beggar and a chooser, fml.


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