Go with the flow

I missed a blog post yesterday, but to fill you in, Tylah and I went to our best mates Will’s house and chilled until Tylah had work. Will just got his P’s which for those of you who don’t live in Australia, it is the licence which allows you to drive unsupervised, FUCK YEAH ahaha. So we obviously did a bunch of useless trips around places and then finally dropped Tylah off to work at 6pm. From there, Will and I drove to this lake and parked up right in front. The sky was a mixture of pink and orange rays which kissed the lake and subtly shone through the car and we were listening to the most beautiful song. We talked about our friendships and life; It was basically one of those moments that the memes refer to as the best dnm’s being held in cars aha. It’s weird, but definitely true. We drove to his afterwards and chilled until Tylah finished work, driving here and there in between until we picked Tylah up. Once we grabbed Tylah, we picked up our other mate Joanne and all went to wash Will’s car…as you do ahahha. We drove back to his afterwards and chilled out until Will dropped Joanne off home and when he got back we sassed in his laundry room and fucking laughed and laughed. We were higher than cloud 9 and fell asleep fucking laughing while on the phone to our best friend Paryse who comes back from New Zealand tomorrow. This morning, we woke up to the sound of Will’s mum and slept in for a bit before we helped out with the garage sale and then I went for a 5 minute nap. From there, Tylah and I left and caught the bus into South Bank where we met up with my sister and grabbed some ice cream and food and watched the new movie which came out. Underworld: Blood Wars. It wasn’t that great might I add, could’ve been better tbh ahah. Went for a swim after that, except we had no towels or any spare clothes ahah and ended up freezing our asses off when we got out, but YOLO. I sound like a twelvie, but yolo is so true. We caught the bus back to my suburb and grabbed dinner at Burger Bro’s and now we are at home. Everything that we’ve done in the last 48 hours was unplanned, like most of life and it was fun. Go with the flow, it’s the best advice I could probably give anyone.


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