Teenage Dirtbags

To some variation, this could be classified as an adventure… but then again, I call almost everything unplanned an adventure. Anyways, quick low down on today’s events. Tylah and I went job hunting, as mentioned in the previous blog post, and encountered many difficulties. Such included the printer at THE MOTHER FUCKING LIBRARY not working. Like how is that even possible? Straya says no to useless facilities with barely anything to offer, or at least that’s what I’d hope to be the case, but I guess not  because the local library let me down today. I’m being a drama queen, but Australia weather don’t play in the summer, you get roasted alive. Anyways, we finally printed our resumes from another place and handed some out and decided to call it a day and went home. Later on at about 8:30pm our best mate Flip came and picked us up at the last minute and we all drove to Kangaroo Point. For most of you who don’t know, Kangaroo Point is next to a large river and offers an exquisite view. It was so good and filled with the best vibes. We sat over a wall on a cliff overlooking everything and talking, but what was more fucking amazing was the fucking fact that fucking FLUME WAS PLAYING LIVE ACROSS THE RIVER DOING THEIR CONCERTS AND WE BASICALLY LISTENED TO THEM LIVE FOR FREE AND WATCHED. We walked along the river, laughed and dnm’d to the music. After, we drove to hungry jacks, grabbed some food and parked in the lot. Flip put his seats down and we all sat in his boot (trunk) eating and talking about life and so much more. It was just such a great night filled with positive vibes. I’m kind’ve rushing this because Tylah and I are about to watch Nerve. It’s currently 12:13am and that’s what I wanted to quickly share with ya’ll, a night in the lives of teenage dirtbags!


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