New new

So my best friend moved in with me yesterday and we both decided to go looking for new jobs today. It’s funny because we both currently have jobs, however skipped our shifts last night. What the fuck right? aha, like why would we be searching for a job if we have one. Well, my best friend needs a job closer to my residence and I’m just looking for something different and something that I’d actually look forward to doing. It sounds naive, but I want a job that’ll make me happy. Besides it’s not like this is my actual career, it’s just a side job. I definitely need a stable job though, I mean, christmas is right around the corner and there’s so much to do and accomplish. I need a stable job, my provisional licence and hopefully I shed some weight aha. Wishful thinking? hopefully not, I need to make it a reality, but whatever happens happens I guess. I want to renew myself or re-invent myself in a way which is probably why this chapter of my life is called new new. I want a new job, a new perspective¬†and overall a new me.


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