What comes next?

The chapter in my life named high school has now come to a conclusion and I’m left pondering what the next chapter will be about. Granted I have applied for university and I’m sure I will get into some course, but do I really want to end one stage of my studies just to begin another stage? I thought I’d be done with it. I just want to have fun, travel and actually live. I know everyone wants to do that and I probs sound like I’m advertising the basic bitch starter pack, but I don’t know how to explain it. I wish I could put my finger on it. I don’t want to sit at a desk all day and I certainly do not want to settle. I want that penthouse in New York, that estate in London and that villa in Italy. Of course with that comes hard work, ┬ábut can I really do this university thing? On another note, what about right now? It’s been two days since I’ve been back from a week at schoolies. For those of you unfamiliar with ‘schoolies’, you my friend are missing out. ‘Schoolies’ is a whole week filled with partying, alcohol, drugs, unprotected sex and anything else crazy and illegal you could think of. It’s a week where high school graduates around the Australian Queensland state head down to the Gold Coast and celebrate freedom from 12 years of schooling. You could imagine how fucked up shit gets, obviously in a good way. Australian culture, you just gotta love it. I miss it so much! Staying at an apartment with my best friends and the most popular boy at my high school was something else (I’m not lying about the popular boy as well aha, he was school captain and captain of the rugby sports team). The atmosphere was unlike any other. It was fucking insane! The beach parties, club parties and everyone walking around cavil, I miss it so much! The 2am kebabs after hitting that good kush with friends and waking up the next morning with blasting music and a day of motor bike riding, lunch outs and swims actually made those 12 years worth it. Right now, I’m sitting on my lounge room chair contemplating quitting my shitty job at a fast food restaurant because it makes me unhappy. How careless I know, but wtf, if it doesn’t make me happy, why should I be there? I know this sounds naive, but it’s how I feel. What comes next?


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